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Indy 500® Racing Pro Earplugs

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Experience the Indy 500 with our specially designed, reusable earplugs, offering the perfect blend of comfort and protection. Made with AlpineThermoShape™ material, they fit your ears perfectly for irritation-free enjoyment all race long. With a proven noise reduction level of 22 dB, you'll hear every thrilling detail—from roaring engines to music—while keeping your hearing safe. This exclusive Indy 500 edition comes with a travel pouch, lanyard, and connection cord, ensuring your earplugs are always at hand. Available only through our Click & Collect service, buy online and pick up directly at the track. Don’t just watch the race—immerse yourself in it, safely and comfortably, with our Indy 500® earplugs.

Hearing protection
at all race tracks

Enjoy the race

Standing at the edge of the Indy 500, where the smell of burning rubber and the roar of engines blend into the fabric of Indianapolis, every race fan knows the pulse-pounding thrill that comes with cars speeding down the track. It’s an adrenaline rush like no other, but the deafening sound also poses a risk to our hearing. That’s why we crafted our high-quality, reusable Indy 500® earplugs: to let you feel the rumble of engines and the heat of the race without sacrificing your hearing, making them a must-have for your next trip to the track.
Prevent hearing damage at Indy 500® races
Enjoy your race safely and comfortably
Tested and certified to reach noise reduction at 22 dB (SNR)

Reusable and comfortable

Racing Pro Indy 500® earplugs are an officially licensed product

With our Indy 500® earplugs, you’re all set to dive into the race, feeling the engines’ rumble just as intensely but without the aftermath of ringing ears. This is about enjoying the race to its fullest, knowing you’re covered. After all, what’s a day at the track without the sound of speed, right?

The earplugs come with a Indy 500® travel box, lanyard and a connecting cord. They’re available exclusively through our Click & Collect service—buy them online and pick them up right at the track, ensuring you’re all set for the big race in Indianapolis.

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Product Details

Attenuation table Indy 500® Racing Pro Earplugs

Frequency Hz631252505001000200040008000
Average noise reduction value dB25.528.828.331.132.635.537.235.5
Standard deviation dB4.
Expected noise reduction value in dB (APV)21.422.526.427.828.931.833.330.6


ean code 8717154030006
package measurements 1.65 x 1.61 x 1.34 inches