iPhone, iPod and iPad. To raise awareness of the danger of very loud noises, there is the SafeNoise app.


iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Always wanted to know how loud it really is in your favourite night spot?

Sound Meter

Google Android. Measure the environmental noise with your phone.

Hearing Test

Google Android
A free hearing test from the American ‘Better Hearing Institute’ Foundation.

Play It Down

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Test your hearing with this handy app. Free with its own support community.

dB Meter

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Test the amount of decibels in your locality.


Android, iPhone & iPad
This English-language hearing test app is from the official hearing foundation in England.


iPhone, iPod touch and Android
Anyone can measure Decibels using this app. The map is a dB profile of your immediate environment.