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Why is hearing protection for children so important?

The hearing of babies and toddlers is very vulnerable. In an increasingly loud world, children are exposed to loud noises daily. In the first few years after birth, your little one's hearing is still developing. Unknowingly, parents expose their children to sounds that can cause hearing damage. Even at a young age, this can result in permanent hearing damage. Of course, the best thing to do is to avoid loud noises as much as possible, but that's not always feasible. In such cases, hearing protection is the best option.


Causes of hearing damage in babies and toddlers

The main causes of hearing damage in babies and young children are environmental noises and toys. Think of car horns, crowds, sirens, and so on. But there's often a lot of noise at home too. A radio, television, vacuum cleaner, kitchen appliances, and lawnmower are everyday items that produce a lot of noise. 


Additionally, noisy toys are a known cause of hearing damage in children. Researchers have even tested toys that reached a sound level of over 100 decibels. Little ones find noisy toys very interesting and often hold them close to their ears. Especially when toys are held so close to the ears, they can cause permanent damage. Therefore, pay close attention to the volume of toys you give your child. Want to know more about noise and its effects on babies? You can read more about it in this article. 


Safe outings with the family 

Of course, there are also special and fun moments you go to as a family. For example, during The 4th of July, Liberation Day, Carnival, or a friend's wedding. The little ones are part of these events too! You often visit such events for an extended period. During these events, there's often loud music too. This combination of prolonged exposure to loud noise is where hearing damage can occur unnoticed.


When does my baby need hearing protection? 

There are many moments when baby hearing protection can come in handy. Think of festive occasions! A festival, parade, carnival, fair, children's disco, wedding, or big birthday. Races and sports matches can also quickly produce a lot of decibels. Fireworks are another major culprit. The loud bangs cause high volumes, making it very important to protect your little one's ears. Additionally, DIY activities at home or in the garden with a lot of noise, such as drilling, sanding, or mowing, are sources of loud noise. 


Overstimulation from noise 

Many babies and toddlers are easily startled by loud noises. Loud noise can also be painful for some little ones because their hearing is more sensitive. Then there are the babies who noticeably become quickly overstimulated. Hearing protection can also be beneficial for these children and provide peace. Children are, of course, busy discovering the world, which can be very stimulating. By dampening loud noises, your little one can gently get used to all the new discoveries. Of course, the idea is not to completely shield small children from sounds, but with special hearing protectors, you can help them gradually get used to it. 


How many decibels are harmful to a baby's hearing? 

But what is too loud for your little one? Sound levels above 85 decibels can be harmful to adult hearing with prolonged exposure, and for babies, the threshold is even lower. This is because a baby's hearing is extra sensitive as it is still developing. Therefore, audiologists advise exposing babies to sounds significantly lower than 85 decibels. For the safest approach, a maximum exposure of 60 decibels, comparable to the sound level of normal conversations, is recommended. This is why it is so important to protect your little one in loud environments. 


How to choose the right hearing protection for my baby? 

To prevent hearing damage in the little ones, there is the Alpine Muffy Baby Classic; a safe CE-marked baby earmuffs. These earmuffs protect against harmful noise through multiple layers of noise-reducing foam. They reduce up to 23 decibels. Want a bit more comfort and damping for your baby? The renewed Alpine Muffy Baby is now even easier to apply thanks to the predefined angle and offers 24 dB attenuation! The Muffy Baby is also useful during travel, for example, on a plane. A plane can not only be very noisy but can also be very stimulating for a baby with many people, sounds, and above all, impressions. To prevent overstimulation, the Muffy Baby can also be very useful! TIP! The Alpine Muffy Baby contains no metal parts, so it can also be used during MRI scans! 


How to use the earmuffs? 


The Muffy Baby Classic 

The Alpine Muffy Baby Classic earmuffs are easy to adjust and fit any baby or toddler. The soft elastic headband is equipped with Velcro. It is designed to fit securely without being tight around the head. The earmuffs can be detached from the headband. You slide the muffs smoothly over the headband and click them into place. Then you simply place the ear protectors over the ears. This way, your child is protected from loud external noises while they can calmly explore the world. The Alpine Muffy Baby Classic is suitable for children from approximately 12 to 36 months. Moreover, the earmuffs look super cute and trendy. The white and light grey ear protectors are made of sturdy plastic. They can take a beating and come with a handy storage bag. The top layer of noise-reducing foam is hygienic and easy to clean, as is the detachable headband, which can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine. The headband of the Muffy Baby Classic is available in pink, blue, black, green, and yellow. 


The Muffy Baby 

In the new and improved Alpine Muffy Baby earmuffs, the fit is even better for your child thanks to the innovative angle. The diagonal angle of the earmuffs makes them even easier to apply and more comfortable for your little one. Comfortable for you and your baby. This extra comfort makes babies find them pleasant to wear and happy to keep them on. The renewed earmuffs are suitable for little ones from 12 to 48 months. This way, you can enjoy hearing protection for an extended period. Additionally, the earmuffs reduce noise by up to 24 dB! The earmuffs are extensively tested to ensure long-lasting protection while preventing pressure on the fontanel. These earmuffs also look trendy and are available in various new colors: Sage Green, Sky Blue, Dusk Black, Rose Pink, and Dawn Purple. 


Protect your kids at an older age? 

You want to protect your kids' hearing for as long as possible. That's why we have the Alpine Muffy Kids for older children from 5 years old. For children from 3 years old, there are also earplugs available, the Alpine Pluggies for Kids. Hearing protection for every age!


Dutch Design 

The Alpine Muffy Baby and the Alpine Muffy Baby Classic, like other Alpine products, are designed and developed in the Netherlands. The earmuffs are ANSI and CE marked, meaning they meet all EU product requirements. The Muffy Baby is therefore also completely safe for young children! 


Do you have a question about hearing protection for babies and toddlers? 

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