Relaxed travelling

Is there anything more fun than travelling? You discover new cultures, meet new people and enjoy all the beauty the world has to offer. Travel is, in addition to fun, often also tiring. Luckily there are earplugs for every type of traveller, such as earplugs for sleeping for a good night’s rest, earplugs for flying for the unpleasant pressure in your ears and earplugs for swimming which make sure no water enters your ears. This really allows you to return well-rested from that well-deserved holiday.

Earplugs for flying

We all know the unpleasant feeling of pressure on our ears when taking off and landing. The Alpine earplugs for flying regulate the pressure on the eardrum and prevent pain while in the air. You’re also not bothered by the sound of your neighbours.

Earplugs for on the beach

In the summer, we regularly visit the beach. Because what gives you more of a holiday feeling than spending a day at the beach? For undisturbed enjoyment, you don’t want to be bothered by screaming children and water in your ears when taking a refreshing plunge. There is luckily a simple solution for this as well: always bring a set of earplugs! 

Earplugs for camping

Camping life: it has its charm, with perhaps the only drawback being that you can hear the noises made by your fellow campers in your tent or caravan. Would you like to return from your holiday well-rested? Then bring along earplugs for sleeping. These allow you to easily close yourself from the bustling camping life at night and roll out of your sleeping bag the next morning feeling fit and fresh. Ready for a new day of vacation!

Earplugs for in the hotel

You expect a stay in a hotel to be relaxed and to return home refreshed at the end of your stay. Noise disturbance is nevertheless still in the top three of hotel complaints. Unfortunate and unnecessary, because earplugs for sleeping ensure that you aren’t bothered by slamming doors, your neighbours’ TV or a flushing toilet on the floor above you.

Earplugs for travel

Earplugs for travel


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