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Plug&Go earplugs are made from a soft, comfortable material and therefore suitable for wearing while sleeping, studying, listening to or making music, riding your motorcycle, while at work or during home improvement projects. The Plug&Go is an easy and affordable way to protect your hearing. Alpine’s Plug&Go foam earplugs offer high wearing comfort and have a user-friendly rounded end, anti-irritation coating, and pleasant fit, so they are suitable for every ear. A package contains five pairs of earplugs and a travel pouch for safe and hygienic storage of your earplugs. You can also use the travel pouch as a key ring, so your earplugs are within easy reach whenever you need them.

Multifunctional protection with high noise-reduction

Did you know that you can suffer hearing damage after only 5 minutes of drilling? Prevent hearing damage in any situation.
High noise reduction with (SNR ) 35 dB
Easy to insert thanks to the rounded end
Comfortable fit and suitable for every ear

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The Plug&Go earplugs can be used once or several times. Protracted use of the same set of foam earplugs may cause an ear infection.


color Red
ean code 8717154025897
package measurements 0.65 × 0.33 × 0.09 inches
size M
weight 1.41 ounces
Alpine Plug&Go - Declaration of conformity

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